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Andrea Bowden

Wow. What a big change! I will be sending lots of good thoughts about moving and settling in. Sounds exciting and intimidating!


Sometimes changes are scary, but they can often times bring a lot of good . Like inward stretching and growth, shine forth hidden talents, make a family stronger, new challenges overcome, and so much more.
Wishing you all the very best.


just read this - and it literally brought tears to my eyes... the confirmations are so beautiful and amazing and so are you and your family. love


Wow. Sounds like you are going to be exactly where you and your family need to be. That doesn't always happen in life, so I applaud all of you! Looking forward to this next chapter.

Elika Mahony

I love the way you have raised your children to be resilient and participants of community building in the choices you make. What a wonderful example you have set for your children. Wishing you a smooth transition in your new home.


This is amazing news! What an honor to be able to serve by moving and living in a community! I'm so glad it is working out. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Good luck with the move, et. al. Love from us!


As someone whose longest stint in one place in 20 years of marriage is 6 years, I feel for you.ut your hearts and heads seem to be behind this move, so I wish you all the goodwill in the world.


That is alot.
I too, am amazed at how you have handled all this with such grace.

Mary Beth

You are so inspiring, Kahtura. I love to hear how you and your family are all so drawn to serve. I know you will be a huge benefit to your new community.

When I heard you will be having a 45 minute commute I just wanted to let you know that podcasts and audiobooks have been such a lifesaver for me--especially since I found out about the audiobooks. I too have a 45 minute commute.

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