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I bumped into your blog a couple years ago and have to say I spent today going back through your archives because I do so enjoy your slices-of-life, reading your thoughts on parenting, your lovely photos, reading about those things you notice. I think this blog really is a special place.

I'd love a space to put my photos and notice-ful thoughts, just to have them all in one spot. Going through your blog has convinced me that this is definitely a good idea! Perhaps I will get around to scraping a blog design together this summer (that's what has been putting me off - a bit silly that the design irks us when it's the content that matters).

Anyway, I'll keep reading no matter how sporadic your posts. I must do better and do more commenting and less lurking.

P.S. I just finished school last year and I admire you greatly for doing it with family in tow, wow.


i read pretty regularly but don't think ive ever commented. and i wouldnt describe your blog design as fugly. just simple.


I've followed your blog for several years. I can't comment on the design because I usually read it through an RSS feed. I lke to read your entries because you write well and I like your topics. I also think your photos are wonderful. I was first drawn to your blog because I liked reading about life in Africa but I've kept reading because you have a way of drawing me in.


I to read your blog regularly, and find your life, and insights fascinating. So thanks, and I for one hope that you continue to write. You do it so beautifully.


I've been reading regularly.... looking forward to more!


I'm here, reading in Calif. I don't know how I found your blog or how long I've been reading -- 3-4 yrs, I suppose. I follow along for the lovely photos and sentiments. Design has never been a consideration for me unless it's something that makes a blog difficult to read. No. 1 on that list is white type on a black background!

Thank you for sharing the slivers of your days.

elizabeth jeanne

you are a light.
I am always grateful to you for your noticings.
I haven't touched my blog in almost a year and it makes me a little sad. keep it up. no matter what may come, you and your children are a beautiful example of a life well lived and a delight to catch a glimpse of. thank you!


I read your blog all the time and almost never comment.

It's more about the take away for me- the little reminders to love the little things, appreciate my family, and be outside even when I feel trapped by this city.

I feel like I've watched your children grow up and feel an entirely irrational pride in how amazing they seem to be. Thanks for being here, in your little corner of the internet. You're not alone.

Willow Caroline

Your blog words often move me. We have different religious identities - but the essence is the same. I too live in a whirl - so I rarely get time to comment. And when I blog, it is for myself. But I often find time to read, and that helps get me thinking, inspires me, confirms that I am not alone in this world.I am grateful for the glimpses into other slices of life.. and also grateful for the reminder that it is only a slice.


I'm here. And this spring has been glorious. xoxo


Katurah, I don't think blogs ever truly reflect the messy reality of life. Something about Internet culture - the Pinterest cupcakes, the Facebook shabby chic weddings- prevents us from publicizing our fully honest selves. Last year during a difficult time I put my own (really very private to start with) blog entirely aside. And without the noticings, I feel like that year has slipped into a black hole. And I realized I had stopped keeping a sketchbook, and a paper journal, and that my blog had become a sort of public journal... But my life was not for public consumption for that period. People have to respect that.

I have read your blog for years (I think I have commented a couple of times but tend to keep my mouth closed) - originally drawn in by the generousity of sharing your life in Africa, now out of habit.

Here is what I love: you go outside a lot, with your kids. I have only just reached the point where my younger (a 50-lb new 4-y-o who has been too big to carry for a long time) will hike happily. Outside has for a long time meant the back yard, or perhaps a park or ten feet by the edge of a stream. I have vicariously wandered with your family through a lot of woods when I could not do so myself. Thank you.

Your silly gift retrieval tasks have made me laugh out loud, we create an treasure hunt for our daughter's birthday in the same spirit and I am looking forward to the kids being old enough for scaling the walls and retrieving impossibly-placed clues.

Thank you for sharing part of your double life. I understand and respect why you keep the rest to yourself, and wish you well in all of it.



My husband and I have both been reading your blog for years -- him, from time to time; me, whenever you post. You're in my RSS reader :-) And coming from Africa and having lived in Victoria, BC, for many years, and having visited Oregon from time to time on vacation, I SO enjoy your photos and wanderings. I love watching your children grow, and I love your beautiful, thoughtfully maintained home -- though I must admit that I am vastly relieved to hear that your life and home are chaotic outside of the slices. Makes my chaos seem more normal. I do comment when something really moves me ... but other times I am reluctant because we don't know each other in real life, and I don't want to be that weird chick who's always commenting even though you've never laid eyes on her ;-) I'm not blogging at present because my little one (now 22 mo.) is more than a handful. BUSY! And he doesn't sleep -- hence, I feel 300 years old, and blogging is the one thing that has totally fallen off the table for a while. I'm glad the comments above will reassure you that there are many listening -- and that we love the light and beauty that your blog provides! - Sue

Mary Beth

I have the same thoughts about my blog. But like you, I feel it's best to keep going. Sending warm wishes. My life is a whirl too.


I love both the warmth of your blog entries and your sensible , loving and fun approach to childrearing .
Besides , who else can take such appealing photos of my favourite breakfast ? Don't stop .


I love your blog. I check in everyday. I find your blog charming and calming. I see a great mother and her beautiful family and some of the wonderful times they share with each other. I realize that blogs are the choices of the person doing the blog. It isn't a story of their entire lives but a look at those times that are important to share. And about comments. I never want to be a pest and keep chatting. And all the things Sue said in the above comment.
I am a mother of four grown children and grandmother of two. My husband and I watch our grandchildren one day a week. We live in Renton, WA. I live near two sisters and belong to two smocking guilds. I don't have a blog but I too would blog about those things that people would find interesting and try to show a good face and show my values, hope and dreams for my family. We all have problems and times of tears and wondering when it will all calm down. I thought at my age I would not be busy and my life more easy. I would have time to wonder what I wanted to do for the day and not running around juggling three things at once.
When all is said and done, I love the "slices" you show of your life. They make me smile or think. Blessings to you and your family.


I read your blog since several years and love it. The design isn't very important to me - it is nice and clean and lets your beautiful photos and your words breathe, in my opinion :-)

I too like about my own blog that it captures the precious moments which are too easily overseen in the whirlwind of life. I love to come back to them and realise: Ah, there ARE so many wonderful moments too!


I check your blog almost daily, I will be honest. I found it by clicking on links from another blog, not sure which now.

I keep coming back :) I seriously enjoy your photography, Katurah! Your style is so calming and simple. It strikes a chord in my soul.
I am also intrigued by your faith (which I had never heard of before reading here), and enjoy reading about it. I think you and Simon are raising some awesome offspring, I like to read about them and your activities together.

I graduated from school a few years ago with a couple of degrees, and I can't imagine going back. I can not believe that you are tackling a full time class schedule with everything else you have on your plate. Very admirable!

From this post it seems you think your words are falling on deaf ears. Not so! At all.

Just wanted to share with you. Have a wonderful weekend!


I never comment, but I do love your blog. Please keep at it. It's been such fun to watch your travels and your kids growing up and your slice of life.



I am a long time and regular reader also and stop by usually to take time out from my busy schedule to enjoy your writing, travels and photography. Thank you for sharing the snippets of your life both in words and images - your a great inspiration and a reminder to enjoy the every day.


I've been reading your blog for years and love watching your kids grow up.


a dazzly diamond thingy? i'm flattered! and glad your keeping keeping on...


Ah, there you go....you've bumped into me. :)
You know I still follow along with you. We've "known" each other for maybe 7 years now!!! I always feel like we are chatting when I pop in here. The old days of blogging are nothing like today....life does change I suppose, but I still enjoy reading your words and catching up with your family. I don't know how you manage blogging at all. Good on ya.


I've followed your blog for years now but have only very rarely commented. I enjoy stopping by to see the slices of life you share. Also, I'm a geologist. If you do ever feel like blogging about plate tectonics, I'll be perfectly happy with that. :)


I've been reading your blog since early 2006 so maybe today is the day to say how much i have always enjoyed it and i would miss you if you were gone. I can always count on your blog to be beautiful and real.


I -also- am a lurker on your blog! It's one of my favorites though. Our kids are similar in age and we live just a bit north of you. I hope you keep writing about whatever it is you want to write about. I'll be here reading.


I love reading your blog and look forward to new entries. It teminds me of the beauty in life. I don't comment because it seems complicated (and I don't have a lot to say.


Me too. I am out here in Canada on the west coast and find your blog a lovely place to visit. It is calm and peaceful. I get that there is more going on behind the scenes. There always is. You offer refuge. That is plenty.


Hi there! I love your blog too, just all these other readers and the many more who haven't written to say so. I'm grateful for the amazing photos and your beautiful words, being able to keep up with your family, peek into that lovely mind and soul of yours when you share. Please keep going. The design is familiar and cozy to us readers now. So much in the world is changing just as we all breathe a sigh of relief that something we know and love just as it is is still the same! Don't feel any pressure! Just keep being who you are and sharing what you want with us! Much love from us in LA (you know who we are and we love you!)


I, too, have read and enjoyed your blog for years. I loved reading about your time in Africa, and now in Oregon. I guess I'm a lurker, but I don't think of myself as such. I'm just the shy one at the edge of the crowd who doesn't have much to say, but I sure love to hear about what's going on. Much like the distant Grannie who waits eagerly for a word from the kids.


(Looks like I'll have to come out of the bushes, as well.)

I've been reading for years from DC and loving your reflections on faith, family, and finding beauty in each day. The choice to continue is a personal one, but don't doubt for a moment that what you have shared matters -- it most certainly has!


Katurah, I have been reading your blog for about five years. Back then I read many blogs. Now, I only look in on a few. Yours is one of them. Once, when I commented here, you emailed me a reply. Thank you for that. I hope you keep sharing your thoughts and family with us. It's all very lovely.


hello from norway!
i bumped into your blog many years ago through stephanie's (congdon barnes) blog. and you know what? although i have never commented here before, this is one of my favourite places on the internet. so full of peace and grace and joy. (but then again I am pleased to read this post, that not everything is perfect at your place either:)
thank you for being such an inspiration!


Although I have only commented a few times, and only very recently, I have been reading your blog for years, and it has always been such a beautiful place to visit. The way you see the world consistently inspires me to seek out the beauty in my own life. (Also, as a graduate student, I have NO IDEA how you are balancing a full course load while taking such incredible care of your family and being involved in a faith community. It's very impressive.) I'm so glad you make the effort to notice your world, and share it.


I read your post several days ago. (I think, the days blur with 3 kids) My first thought- I should put pen to paper and write her a letter. But do people do that anymore? (Then I thought, well who would give a stranger their address?) So here I am publicly saying:

Can I be you when I grow up? You show such grace, thoughtfulness and love in your blog posts - it comes through in your photos and your writing. So many times your posts about family and children are the perfect order of words for my jumbled head of thoughts. Thank you for your posts - they always remind me to stop, to listen, to watch- and absorb what is around me and to value it.

*grin* As a mom I know that life is chaos. Some days will always be more memorable in good ways than others. No one wants to look like its hard work. ;) Life is chaotic, it is hard, and messy- in so many ways. Yet life is love, happiness and anticipation of what is to come. (And I always anticipate there will be more toothpaste stuck to the sink before we leave for the school bus.)

If you think of it this way - your wonderful blog is the perfect visiting spot for family and friends - it is as orderly, clean, put together, thoughtful, beautiful spot as you choose to make it - As three kids and a husband can't run in the door before or after you to bring chaos back into life with full force. *grin* I think I just made myself jealous - a virtual visiting spot that's is always ready for a visit.

Should you ever decide the blog stretches you too thin, please know that I have so enjoyed your writings and photos over the years, but I know life in the moment is always more important. I am always amazed at how you juggle family, schooling, life and travel. Know that I wish you and your family the best. And please thank your family for letting us strangers, who think they aren't total strangers peak in on them through the blog.

Sincerely, Lindsey

Laurie L.

I rarely comment on any blog I read, but I am popping into the comment section to let you know "I am reading/listening". Life can be messy and blogs provide a sliver of our lives to others only in what we choose to be aired in this very public forum. You have a way of gliding us, your readers, through your days with grace. Thank you!


My comments are usually snippets of pleasure and appreciation (I am biased!). But I also am in harmony with Sue, Tana, and Lindsey. I treasure the regular opportunity for feeling that I'm participating in your life/lives. Your visual and verbal artistry are true gifts, both within you and in presentation here. love, Dad

Patricia C.

I've been reading your blog regularly for several years. You are an amazing writer and photographer. I also have 3 children (16 months, 5 years and 8 years) and I'm a high school art teacher. Seeing your children grow from young children to pre-teens to teenagers has been beautiful. You are an amazing mother and I see your beautiful and gentle parenting reflected in your smart and loving children. Your blog is a truly special and unique place. Very peaceful, reflective, loving, honest and pure.

Amy Smith

Hi Lovely, I don't read many blogs, at all, but when I come back to yours I spend a long time reading through them, admiring your mothering style and wishing I could meet your 3 lovely children. I have a little one of my own (22 month old girl), and look to others for inspiration. Thank you for blogging and photographing (they are beautiful!). Please give your mom and dad all my love. I have so many beautiful memories with you three. So much love! Amy (Smith)

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