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I have been reading your words for a couple of years... at least I think it is that long.

I am excited about the new possibilities. I hope you find a way to stay present here - but as it goes.

Thank you for sharing your window to the world.


Please, give yourself a resounding pat on the back, on my behalf. For your courage, strength, fortitude. And for being such a great example to those of us, not quite there yet. You've no idea what a fine example you set.

Also, I'm pleased you enjoy the hot chocolate.

Happy November to you, Katurah.



You can do it. It is so easy to tell our kids to do what they dream - to at least try it - you will never know unless you try. Yet as an adult, it is harder to heed your own words - the thought of maybe not being able to do it, or that your results are not what you hoped- all that stops so many people. The small voices in our heads that become so loud when we venture close to our dreams. Do what makes your heart sing. :) Never know for sure unless you try. But I'm pretty sure your virtual friends will support you in any venture you choose. :) Happy Fall Festivities!

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