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Oh, this is lovely. And so needed in our own spiritual evolution as a species. The atmosphere that you are cultivating, with its attention to detail, must give the children the message that you are the kind of person with time to focus on the intricate detail of their own precious selves as well, further that there is actually detail within them to be focused on! Perhaps it's not so conscious for them but the sense of slowing down and really 'being with' is being communicated so beautifully here. And what more precious gift can we give each other than that of interest.


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Well done!!!


My experience with children, now my grandchildren, is similar. The age range; the realization that we must "educe" (to bring out -as something latent) from the stage of maturity where they reside; and the inclination toward metaphorical learning. Thank you for showing us your create use of beautiful articles and music.

Angela Rout

This is such a thoughtful and beautiful post! THank you so much. I struggle with many of the same issues. Its so nice to hear how you presented the ideas and it sounds like the children really responded. I hope you do more posts like this, we really need it! Thank you.


I had to address you as Luckybeans. I could not quickly find your name. Pardon me for that.
I must applaud you for the time spent researching thiproblem, figuring out a possible solution, and then going ahead AND TESTING the possible solution, and then REPORTING the results of your test. Thank you. This is the entire research wasprocess that some people take years to study. The House calls it a humble posture of learning. Thank you and thank you again! What particularly caught my attention was the way you broke down difficult words, how you concretized them so children could RELATE to them, and once they did, how almost everything else fell into place!!! Wonnderful! I think this very same lesson could be tried with older age-groups, junior youth, youth and adults. Thozi.

Pamela Douglas

yes, it is yet again another post of yours that touches the heart and inspires! and you have at your disposal such beautiful items to demonstrate spiritual themes. really, any time i have viewed your blog, my heart is stimulated toward the creative spirit as it manifests itself in this life.. thank you

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