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bummer about the tomatoes. we do have such high hopes when putting in a garden. that's what it's all about for me at that stage of the process. i've mostly given all the veggie growing over to our super-local farmers. it's a joy to wander down to the farmstand every tuesday evening, chat with neighbors, and fill the bike basket with leafy greens. i just can't get much to grow in our yard with the deer always traipsing through! but our raspberries are awesome again this year! yours?


oh. the tomato tragedy.
I feel your pain.
last year my garden was dismal failure on all fronts. this year we are faring much better.


oh, hello, old friend. i swing by often, am awful about dropping a note, so here, all in one go:
1. pity the poor tomatoes! and the years ahead, such a shame. but yes, the process, the distance, the learning. humbling, all of it. and humbling is always good. (also, farmer's markets, that might make up for those lost toms)
2. i laughed when i saw, again, your summer wall, as we stole it lock, stock, and barrel, back in may. i remembered it, see, from last year, vividly, and thought it so brilliant, i tucked it away in my mind's eye. and brilliant it is, a steady go-to in our home. we create and use it a bit differently (no pictures, but love that; tack things up as we think of them; 3x5 cards, b/c i love them), but it has been wonderful. so thank you for that, a big thank you.
3. the cake. lucky day.
4. happy summer to you, katurah.

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