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I know what panic attacks are like, I am 38, and have had them for quite awhile now. I can totally sympathize with Ana. My son and daughter(11 and 13)have them as well. I will remember to pray for her. I really like how you are doing a day to day sort of journal for your blog. I enjoy reading, and seeing the beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing!
christina in Texas


My heart hurts for your Ana. I have had panic attacks and they are just awful. My Mom gave me some lovely chamomile and lavender oil to help promote calmness. I think it helped a bit. I will be thinking of you sweet girl.

Nicky Robertson

Ah what a beautiful dip in to your lives. Ana - you'll get over those, mind over matter. I used to go that way a bit and I think this is just part of your body growing up...
Bella I can't wait to show Hannah your pictures! I love the daisy chains... Asher, I am jealous of your running around with bare feet already. Its FREEZING here in the UK, cloudy and wet, and I still have the heating on! We're having the wettest drought on record... that sounds like a tautology but it's actually correct! Can you all work out what it means? Love Nicky

Nicky Robertson

I love the pictures. I love the last one of Bella and her daisy chains. I've got a picture of me just like that when I was about 6 and granny showed me how to make a daisy chain. I also liked the one of Asher lying between the flower beds. Ana I love the short hair and it was nice to see all of you in the pictures.
Love from Hannah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

un arc en ciel dans le lavabo

I'm sorry Ana had to experience one of these. I've had a few in some very stressful times of my life. It is scary and so uncomfortable. When it is over, you're absolutely right, it is essential to try & identify the cause, and see what can heal should there be another one ( I've not had one for years & for me there were worse if I was alone )
Wild daisies surely suit to pretty Bella :)

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