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gorgeous flowers. Anas lucky to have a sister. I have two wonderful brothers.

un arc en ciel dans le lavabo

what a beautiful Spring you seem to have ! we're still with tights & boots on here in Western France. An unusually wet & cold Spring.
I used to watch what my daughter was reading when she was younger (now it seems I don't have to) In a way I'm glad to read here I wasn't the only one, although there is nothing wrong with this, is there ?
A girl with a guitar. Always a happy sight :)


i keep forgetting to invest in some solomon's seal. it IS really beautiful, and i love the height.

big big bummer about the barn! will you scavenge any wood?

and the tea... i've been making mint/licorice sun tea for a couple summers now. it's super good! 3 bags of each (or comparable loose) in a 1/2 gallon. the mint masks the licorice's "dirty water" taste on the front end then the sweet of the licorice explodes to finish it off. my oh my!

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