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Oh Katurah! Thank you so much for doing this. I know it must have been difficult to get all those pics and posts done, but it was such an inspiration to me! I love how your morning shots are each unique but all so similar, as the routine starts to unfold before our eyes. Your family is lovely and I am so impressed at how you manage without your spouse for so long - squeezing holy days, and feast, and homework and exams and time to even make the beds!!! You have inspired us to try to say prayers together before leaving for school. We dont usually do this and I would love for us to do it as habit. Also, your simple tea, prayers and cake theme inspired me to do a spontaneous 12th day at Ridvan at home before bed. It was lovely and I am so glad we did it, even though we should have attended the community celebration - sometimes its just too much. Thank you!

Andrea Bowden

Katurah, I have loved looking at your week in detail! Your photos are amazing and your days are beautiful. I can't believe how big the kids are, and I also love your morning shots. I would love to know your instagram name. Mine is doc_andrea if you are interested!

Thanks for sharing your beautiful lives!


yes. thank you for sharing this bit of life you lead.

I am hoping your sunday is as brilliant as mine. The sky is blue. The odd cloud has appeared. It is still cold but I will take the light.


I have so enjoyed this glimpse into your days. Read through it all at once so got a vivid sense of your week. Interestingly even though you are back in the USA I have the feeling of Africa when I look at the way you frame your pics and talk of your days together. I wonder if you miss it enough that it is there in the silences around your lives.

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