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I need to know more about plastic bubbles! :)

Sarah :: greenclogs

I want to believe that it can't rain forever, but I'm starting to wonder. We did a day trip to Cannon Beach yesterday and it was miraculously not raining. We wandered the beach and marveled at the 50 foot long tree trunks the ocean had deposited over the last week. I'm glad we got a day of sea air without rain. Now we're back home with a fire in the fireplace, overflowing gutters, and wet chickens. I hope that elusive sun comes back soon. I miss it.


I am with you 100%. The week before last it was especially brutal here in the lower mainland. I had to draw my own suns with pastels... I got the idea from someone else who struggles with the grey.

We had sunshine last weekend and I literally felt like I was a new person. I could tackle the challenges... take on new projects... plan for the future. Then another week of wetness and we were promised today it would be sunny. I held out hope. It is not sunny. I am incredibly disappointed. Not quite weeping yet though.


I have been following your blog quite awhile now. Where does the time seem to go?

As a fellow PNW I do feel your bad weather pain. I have lived in the PNW for 24 years, and the last few years the weather has really gotten to me! Last year was the wettest year on record. I really thought I was going to lose my mind. We went to the southwest for spring break 2011 just so we could see the sun! This year has been much colder, and then the last month (check cliff mass weather blog) has been the wettest March on record. Most days I just want to climb back into bed and throw the covers over my head. I am starting to wonder if as I get older the super wet weather has started to affect me more.

We love the oregon coast! I always enjoy seeing photos of the oregon coast. Hang in there hopefully we will have a good summer!

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