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Thank you for the tutorial! I know my girls will enjoy helping make this, and of course the playing. ;-)

Mary Beth

Thank you so much for posting this! Your little guy sounds amazing.


if there is a Penzeys spice store near you, they sell cream of tarter in larger sizes. It is far more economical than the tiny containers at the grocery store.


Asher sounds very much like my (almost) 6 year old son. Both the 'cheerful disposition' and the motor skill issues (for him its mainly drawing/writing and spacial/planning problems).

His will to do things that do not come natural to him is just incredible. Play dough is on our list of 'exercises' too - as is lego, drawing, making knots, puzzles and hama beads.


Most impressive.
Hooray for the handy-man and his Mum!

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