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wow. that's great! i'll have to pass the remedy on to my dad who suffers the occasional sty. i'm currently battling poison oak with homeopathy and a clay "mask". seems to be keeping it under control if not actually getting rid of it. i'll take what i can get. it won't last forever, right?


The oldfashioned treatment was rubbing the stye with a gold ring . I can't vouch for it though ....your method sounds more logical , attacking it on all fronts .
Well done !


My 8 yo son gets, styes, I have resisted antibiotics, so I will try that next time!


Katurah, this is so wonderful! It is exactly what I am studying at school! In five more short years I will be a Naturopath and acupuncturist. I love your at home remedy and everyday become more and more amazed at the healing power of nature. Sending many blessings to you and the kids. I love being able to pop on and see how everyone is doing!


Also effective, if you have it around, is no tears baby shampoo - do a warm compress before and mix a teeny tiny bit of shampoo with warm water and use to clean the red part 2 x a day - it doesn't sting and in a day or so, the stye is usually gone. I know it's not really a "natural" solution but it has saved us a time or two.


how did you learn how to do natural remedies like that? (especially the tablets. I'm so intimidated by them).


This is so great. I love it when remedies work so well and quickly. We had a homeopathic remedy work like magic this summer (for tantrums) and it reinforced my belief in them. It was like I suddenly had a different kid! I had not heard of using parsley. I remember my mom using eyebright on us. And lots of echinacea ond rosehips and goldenseal!


Katurah! I've never heard of antibiotics for styes - you just put a hot tea bag on the eye and it's gone in the morning..... works for us anyway..... very interesting re homeopathics though; will look that up!

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