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I think this is my favorite post of the new Tough Beans genre. While I have not spent nearly enough time in Africa, I have been and my best mate is African. Just today, here in Seattle, I spent at the World Rhythm Festival. My skills in West African dance are poor, to say the least, though the drumming I learned was extraordinary. We went on a class field trip and the children (who study Rhythm weekly) were phenominal in the best Montessori tradition.

Thanks for giving us a lovely slice of Dad/Africa life today.


this post struck a cord with me - i work similarly on a government aid project,elsewhere in the world. i have two very small children and have managed to avoid travel (except for short trips) since they were born. however, i can see some necessary travel looming in the coming months. i so wish i could take the kids with me (and i know my counterparts would adore them), but it won't be possible financially. i know they will survive just fine for a week without mum, and although he may do things differently to the way i do, their dad will cope just fine too - but will i? :)
it's great that the cildren could join you and see what you do...

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