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Great post! Keep 'em coming....


Oh my gosh...this is a fun post. You and your lovely wife make a perfect pair. No wonder your children are packed full of personality. Thanks for writing...Beckie


i would surely like to know the details of those imperfect sandwiches. here, we have some who like more peanut butter and others who prefer more jelly. some who like crusts and others who like none. toasted bread vs. plain bred. chunky vs. smooth. so many variations, so little time.


this reminded me of a story my mom just told - for years my pop would make his peanut butter sandwiches, leaving jar of pb open with the knife balanced across the top. And for years, this drove my mom crazy - she thought he was "trying to send a message" that she didn't feed him. Finally she asked and found out that he leaves it in the "ready position" in case he wants to go back for more. He rarely if ever goes back for more, but that's the reasoning of a man who loves his peanut butter. Now I'm guessing he does it because he knows it drives my mom crazy.


nice entry, King Of Culinary Consumption!


For those interested in such details:

Only two pieces of untoasted breads were involved, crusts intact. And there was no jelly or jam in the equation. But yes, it took Bella three trips to reach the point where the peanut butter actually covered the bread. At least mostly.

(Yes, I suspect she knew precisely what she was doing).

Ashley Ann

Oh boy. If you can write such a great story about peanut butter sandwiches, you should probably have your own blog. Mr. Lucky Beans has a nice ring to it. I'll totally miss you if you quit!


hilarious! what an adorable little family you have!


Oh, but there is so much that can go wrong with just two pieces of bread and peanut butter. This is a critique I go through daily, sometimes multiple times a day. See, I have a 6 yo daughter who is the Princess of Peanut Butter sandwiches.....and as she is very very picky - she only eats these and cereal *sigh*.

*chuckling* Yes I know we should make her try more foods....but watching someone purposefully gag at the table. Well that sets a bad example for her siblings who eat whatever we have on the table (well not the art supplies at least).

Do we know what Mom will be given as a special meal on her return? *wink* Most likely made to her exacting standards. :)

Swapna Raghu Sanand

I really loved your articles, especially the one about Peanut butter. Was amazing.

Keep writing.

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