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Sue at nobaddays

Katurah, you might decide to keep him when you return. He is *quite* funny, you know.


What I want to know is hoe Katurah was able to keep Simon away from the blog for so long? That must have been some mighty password!

And for record, I think my husband has this craft planned, in exactly the mentioned manner, for the next time I'm gone. Although he leans more toward old World War Two movies, instead of Ben Hur and Spartacus...


This is my favorite post so far!


Am totally loving these posts. Hilarity.


I don't know that I've ever commented on this blog before - I've been reading and loving it for awhile. This post is hysterical!


Katurah, Delane, Lukas and April just popped in for a visit. Delane is doing very well. We all agreed that Simon has gone adrift!
hugs, Dad


You crack me up.

melissa Crowe

Okay, this is pretty much the funniest post I've ever read. I think there are too few dads in blogging.


I love Luckybeans, but can we keep Toughbeans when the paper chain runs out, too?


Oh my! I think going to the airport early is perfect....builds character.


Word. More dads need to blog. This is great stuff!


I second Laura :) Thank you for sharing your world with us. Best wishes -

PS Maybe your wife brought the amazingly summery weather for Porltand with her in her travels. The garden is started!

Kristin L

Love the chain crafting (especially the devious after-hours alterations). However, at our house it's dad who's away, and I'm sure neither I nor the kids have the attention span to make 365 links, with or without the help of Spartacus and Julie! :-)


Simon, I am really enjoying reading your posts. Your take on things is quite amusing. I'm also glad to hear that Delane is doing better. She's such an amazing woman.

Lindsey Starr

Simon, you are delightful! I am loving reading your posts. Your craft time "with" your kids is fabulous and amusing, albeit twisted ;)
I think you should become a frequent guest blogger even once Katurah returns. You seem a great dad, and we all know the kids are in wonderful hands....


This is so funny. Best guest blogger ever!


Katurah, you've been keeping a big secret. A funny and insightful man-is it true what they say? That behind every good woman is a funny man? I'm wondering now if it's safe to leave the keys to my blog to my man...


So glad to hear the good news from Oregon. I also just have to chime in and say that I'm thoroughly enjoying these guest posts. It's such an amazing peek into your family dynamic, and I've been fascinated by your take on local culture.

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