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The 6 O'Clock Stitch

Even in my early morning half-asleep stupor, you have me rolling with laughter. Hang in there. Sounds like you're doing a wonderful job.


Good gracious, how I adore this post. Fish heads, alchemy... oh my.

Fancy Elastic

Well done for coping with what sounds like a mammouth task!

And in the UK we have a saying 'painting the Forth Bridge', which is what you were doing with all that suncream. The theory being that the Forth Bridge is so large that once you have finished painting at one end, you start again at the other.

looking forward to the next installment!


What a fantastic post! I laughed out loud! You are doing a fantastic job with the (temporary) single-parenting, and I look forward to reading about more adventures soon.


interesting that you raise eyebrows at fish heads. i recall the sheep stomach replete with heart, liver and lung nestling in our freezer betwixt vikram's "cough medicine" bottles for almost a year. did we ever end up eating that?

miss you guys.


that looks like a very fun weekend :)

Alicia A.

Simon. It's Simon, right?

You sound like a brilliant father to me.


Dog food, Joonam. The fish heads were for dog food. Not you.

Oh, I wish I could have been with you! And I knew you'd atttract quite the fan club here ;)


:) Loving your posts. I always remember what a funny time it was when we were left alone with my dad. A whole different set of rules applied. Sounds like a great weekend.



You are doing a brilliant job! This had me in stitches. I forwarded to my own dear husband, so he can aspire to do so well.



Sounds like the perfect weekend (minus the freezer incident but then what good really is perfection!!) I love that there were no new freckles.......


Well done, Simon! This post is hilarious. Fish heads are for soup stock. I completely understand about not wanting any banana bread for awhile.

Only 14 more sleeps to go - you can do it!


When I found out you were 'guest writing' I told my hubby to start reading. I've had to ask him to stop reading when he gets up in the morning...his laughter woke me up today. I think it was in recognition....


Loved this post, Simon. And so glad I'm not the only one who keeps frozen bananas ready to bake.


Good job Simon!


Simon, I am loving your posts. I think I told 3 people today (who know Anisa) about her glasses fiasco. Being a -5 myself I find it amusing. I'm sure you are doing this for Katurah but we're all privileged to have this insight. Makes me want to run away with my kids and raise them somewhere other than Vancouver Island....almost.


Thanks for letting us come along for the ride- glad to be here. I love the image of you all trying to figure out in what form you'd been eating the fish heads!

Mozi Esmes Mommy

What fun!


Thank you for posting, Simon. You guys are such a beautiful family!

Lindsey Starr

I have always loved reading luckybeans.... and this latest twist with you taking over, Simon, has been fantastically wonderful in a totally different way! thank you for sharing and keeping the blog going while your wife is away. I also love that you changed the top banner photo! cheeky!

Bolle Ski Goggles

i love the beach,, me and my family will go to beach next week i'm so excited that i bought a goggles and a sunglasses.. i can't wait any longer

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