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Not fair making me cry like that. I love you so much, sweet family.


And you make me smile with happiness. Congratulations, swimmer!


Love the sweet letters. And oh my-Asher is a great artist.


I am a long-time reader of Luckybeans.
Your children are incredible.
Bella's letter made me cry too.
Cherish every moment you have
together. They soon grow up and
all the love that you share with
them now forms a bond that will
last forever....I know this because
my two sons are adults now and still
we remain close even though we don't
see each other often. I will never
regret the time that I spent raising
them and the years of giving of ones
self to hopefully give them a good
foundation. My husband and I are
still blessed with our son's hugs and
kind words when we are together.
They have become men that we are proud
to claim as our sons.
I see that kind of love in your family

blur ting

Oh, the kids are too precious! And Bella, she makes me tear. I wish you all get to see your mommy really soon! Then she won't have to sniff your pillows anymore!

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