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I'm a lurker but was forced into commenting by the greatness of these posts. Katurah I love your blog. And also this guy? Keeper.

As a mom, I wish I could get over the hairbrushing, the dad in my family sees it just as clearly as you do ... but somehow, the Hair must be Brushed. I am going to try, though, to like it when someone ambushes me and pounds me. That is VERY hard to like! But I'll try.

haitian-american family of three

This made me laugh- its true these differences between moms and dad. . .


Happy Anniversary dear ones! All of grade school IS a really long time ...congratulations! Dads are awesome, so is cake for breakfast and potty humor.


I have really been loving the dad-posts!

Cake for breakfast? I bet it will go nicely with my coffee tomorrow.... must give it a try!


"Dad is great ... he gives us chocolate cake!"
Had to delurk to share some Bill Cosby. I can totally imagine your kids singing your praises.


Yeah, you're right, Dads rock!


love the "by the fourth time they ask, just say yes"

you really hold out compared to my husband.. i'm impressed.


maybe you'll start your own blog when katurah returns?

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