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Grampa Kurt

A wise and modest zoologist is a gift to the human and animal worlds!


Sleepilizer darts. Beautifully said.


Bella and my boy Owen would be fast friends I'm sure. The sleepilizer darts have me smiling still.


I have never seen Bella look so scary in my life. What are you doing to my children, dear?


Love it!


Nice new banner.

Simon, I'm not gonna lie. I love your wife's posts, but I kinda wish you would post more often. I like the alternate perspective.

blur ting

Oh, she's a smart one!


There you go, Katurah. She has drawn a picture of herself just for you. Proof enough that she is ok?

The 6 O'Clock Stitch

My best laugh of the day so far. Your Bella is a very smart girl.


From one small bladdered person to another, please tell Bella that I know exactly how she feels!!

Zoologist sounds like a fine profression!!


Oh my God you are KILLING me with these updates! Love it!


Oh man... I love it!! What a great idea. Go for it Bella!!

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