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I've always enjoyed this blog but I had no idea what to expect when I heard that Papa would be contributing. Needless to say, I've really been entertained by these recent postings and hope that "guest appearances" will still take place once Katurah returns.


I laughed outloud when I read about the mysterious tighty-whitey being. How does one enter a window buttocks first anyhow?! Love the updates from the newspaper!


Oh! I needed that. Tighty Whitey will give me a giggle for awhile. Thank you. :)

Grampa Kurt

Go Bella!

The Accidental Housewife

Papa, have you considered starting your own blog? I haven't laughed out loud this often for a very long time, please don't leave entirely when Katurah comes home! (But also please don't take over totally, cause I love her posts too). Look at me being miss-bloggy-bossy-boots!

blur ting

Why am I smiling? I should be feeling bad about the death and witch but I blame you for being so funny! :-)


These entries are priceless. I can relate to the karate moves in the previous entry.


As it seems this might be the last chance to post a comment on one of your posts, I guess this will have to do - I never really came to terms as what I could actually say in a comment, as the entries seemed hilarious and sad, mildly disturbing and oh-so-true at the same time and I just lacked the apropriate reaction. Whatever it might have been. Thank you for your take-over, and thank you for this special view into a life quite different to (or just the same as?) mine.


You made me laugh with a mouthful of coffee. Raise your hand if you can say "spit take".

Welcome home, Katurah!


I repeat all of the above. I can't remember the last time I laughed out loud at a blog.

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