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I JUST noticed the change in header...it's HILARIOUS and very fitting....


I think the Richmond family blog is going to have to expand. Kid posts as well. You could build a tiny social networking kingdom and we could all join. I would love to read the children's take on the generator/fish head incident (which I told my mom about - I couldn't resist. But I did mention their not being any new reports of freckles).

13 more sleeps...


I am loving these posts. So entertaining.


soliloquy, Latin - talking to oneself
The act of speaking while alone.
Used as a theatrical device that allows a character’s thoughts and ideas to be conveyed to the audience.

sometimes resulting in applause, or laughter, or befuddlement :-)

Fancy Elastic

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new banner.


Awesome banner. In the sense that it is vaguely reminiscent of a Harveytiles ad. Must be the font. Can we come visit you?


Oh how will we all cope without Tough Beans at the end of the month? Could we, the faithful Bean readers, dare to hope that we might look forward to enjoying two blogs from Malawi? Wouldn't that be a Treat!

blur ting

I'm a loyal Lucky Beans reader and I thought for a moment I had stumbled on the wrong blog. But hey, you write so well and are so witty, you've found a new fan! Great job - the writing, fathering and holding the fort until your mrs returns. I hope all is ok in Oregon. Keep writing!


Hysterically funny new banner. I laughed so loud and so suddenly I startled my entire family.


i always love luckybeans, but i'm really love the toughbeans takeover! thanks for the laughs


I died laughing when I saw the new banner, Fascinating Posts. Sorry Katurah, but I'm really enjoying these posts (but can't wait to have you back too!)


Simon, I check the blog several times a day anxiously awaiting a new post. I LOVE the new banner (its hysterical!!!)and think the stories from Malawi are wonderful. I can just see lots of excited children drinking the new, very green beverage! And the magic snake, too.


Also, where on earth do you find a photo of a dump truck with rims and a supped up exhaust? Hilarious.


I resoundingly echo the new banner love.
Hurry home, Katurah! :)

Colleen Proctor

Simon: Thought I was in the wrong place when I saw the banner ... went back and re-keyed the address in a couple of times. Whoa. When the wife's away the husband plays! I think you should get your own blog. I laughed and laughed, remembering home-made bumper stickers in Zambia .. I used to collect them ("in the sense that" I wrote them all down to enjoy over and over again later)


Fabulous header. And a great post too!


Please, can you write a blog too? I am a big luckybeans fan and it is such fun to read from your perspective. I loved this post- so interesting to hear more about Malawi. Thanks for sharing!


Your posts are really entertaining !
Here in Uganda, we have double emphasis, I mean: I could arrive now, but if I am arriving now now, then you can actually expect me within an hour or two !

haitian-american family of three

Ha, I love the banner and the writing, its so amazing how men and women view the world, what we comment upon and notice. You guys should definitely take turns blogging about your life. I am always interested in hearing about another countries daily realities.


You are a wonderful writer! I love your wife's blog-style and have been reading for some time. Your take is great though, so please don't stop once she returns. I love these glimpses into Malawi's culture.



Greetings from Los Angeles! I'm really enjoying your take-over of the blog. Thanks for taking the time to do so. I really enjoyed the family weekend at the beach. I love the banner!!! Katurah does such a gorgeous blog - one of the few I read. I'm so glad she's in OR (with my parents and her mom), but was thinking I'd miss it. And your insights into culture are riveting. Love from all of us, Allison, Joe and Louis.

Alison Whittington

I love the idea of modifying all statements with "in the sense that" ... I think I'll borrow that attitude. Positive, always positive.

And also love the banner. Funny!

(-- From Alison No. 3)

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