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Mozi Esme's Mommy

Looks so refined and luxurious! Oh to have luxury time again - to be eleven again!


Yes, rather fond of elevensies myself, although they usually come around 10. Also trying to enjoy the last 2 weeks, taking it slow, preparing myself for thw whirlwind that is the school year.


I love elevensies!


are those home made, chocolate glazed donuts?

Dad - Grampa

oh, so fine!

Rebecca F.

Maybe it is just me, but what is an "elevensy"?




Rebecca F.

Argh! What is an elevensie?? I feel like I'm totally missing out on something great. LOL....

Please tell me. Please?


Hey Rebecca, I think it's usually written elevenses and it just means a morning snack and tea, eaten at about eleven o'clock. It's a bit of an old fashioned English term.
Katurah, send happiest birthday wishes to sweet Bella - sorry so late - life has taken over.

love, love, nass

Rebecca F.

Ah, thank you Nass!! I think I'll add it to my routine!

Rebecca F.

Laurie L.

What a sweet moment caught on "film"! Thank you!


I know them as "elevenses" ( what Bilbo Baggins loves so well). A snack at eleven.
And you have strawberries in Africa? Cool!


what a lovely tradition. we've been trying to teach otis about lazy sunday mornings spent reading the newspaper and lingering over our breakfasts. he has a couple of subscriptions to animal magazines and he looks through those. unfortunately, he still wants to wolf down his food and talk through the whole ritual, but we're working on it!!

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