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This is just what I needed! Thanks so much for the intructions:)


I'm definitely going to try these. I get horribly dry skin in the winter. Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for sharing this!


I would not use eucalyptus or peppermint oils with the salt bath. Any undissolved salt acts like an exfoliant and both these oils will sting on skin that has been even slightly scratched. It can also sting on any mucus membranes-places where the skin is thin. Better to use these to inhale or massage with.
Also a really nice one to try is geranium oil. It helps with cirulation and is a good pick me up. I use this when my kids are feeling over tired as it makes you feel good. It's also good for "women's problems"-and it smells divine.

Sacred Snatch

This look so devine. (found you by way of the Crafty Crow blog)

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