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This is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time. Good on you for helping him in his time of need.


So cute! My aunt & uncle in Sweden used to have a hedgehog (igelkot) who lived in their garden. S/he would awaken and begin to trundle about when they were outside eating dinner in the summer.


I do think he's smiling! What a great little addition.


Oh my! The one who is hiding is too cute.


how adorable...


this is so cute...
adorable even!


OMG - I'm dying at the cuteness of it all!


so, so sweet! My son had a hedgehog a couple of years ago that he bought at a pet store here in the US. He was kinda grumpy but still too cute for televison!




oh, dear one! i like chisoni. have you seen "hedgehog in the fog" on youtube?


I am so jealous!! I want a hegie...

Suzanne :: Adventures in Daily Living ::


I tried to use the trackback link and it failed. I linked you up the old fashion way.


OH! He is so cute! We have a stone garden hedgehog that we call "Hedgie". Not very creative, but he makes me smile whenever I see him and my little kids act like he is real. ;-)


Oh goodness, he is ADORABLE.


This picture just made my day.


How adorable. Made me smile!

The Shopping Sherpa

We don't have hedgehogs in Australia. Thanks for the photo which caused lots of lovely childhood memories of feeding hedgehogs in the garden in New Zealand!


I *heart* him!


Completely adorable!


Oh my goodness! I love him!! I wish we had them around here. So cute.


I just stumbled on your blog from the crafty crow. It is wonderful! I love the hedge hog. Too cute. Would love to know how you made that nightie for your little one, my daughter would love one. Is it like a pillowcase dress?


That is just too cute. How does he go with your cat?


So cute!
My rabbit passed away a short while agao and I have been yearning for a new small companion. . . hmmm. . . perhaps a hedgehog is something to consider.
I, too, love the nightgown that you made for your beautiful daughter and I am eager to know how you did it. I would be *thrilled* if you would consider posting sewing guidelines for the dress.


hi, it's my first time here!
oh, I wish I had one just like yours... so so cute...


oh how darling!


My college roommate had a hedgehog that she kept in a large plastic box hidden beside her bed (pets were contraband). Opie the hedgehog was a grumpy little guy a lot of the time (perhaps because he resented being contraband). It didn't take much to make him vibrate with hedgehog rage (literally). He was entertaining anyway.


sooo cute :o)

Laurie L.

*squeal* You are so wonderful to take this beyond-cute creature into your family!


Oh. My. Goodness. I think that is the happiest thing I've seen all day. What do hedgehogs like to eat may I ask?


Oh my! He is so cute, I can't stand it.

Mozi Esme's Mommy

How adorable! So how does he compare to a cat or dog?


Boy, you miss a few days... love your hedgehog - what a lovely guy. Was totally aggravated to read the PC-police icky remarks - some people have to find their sense of self-importance by lashing out at others. Pathetic and sad. But your wonderful blog is how you have invited us - total strangers! - into your lives, your home, and I, for one, am honored to be allowed peeks at your lovely world and terrific family.


You are the super-goodest! I love your photos and you are kind and sweet and I think your blog is gorgeous and thank goodness I have found you! Keep your chin up and keep smiling and keep writing just the way you do because you are super dooper wonderful!


It took me minutes to figure out where his face was on the photo. It's lovely. All of it. The name, the creature... did you know they can do something like bird noises? The other night (after a lot of rain) we went outside to listen to water flow downhill and I heard something I took for a duck. A feeble whistle answered, which I thought was Vincent, my companion who talks to every beast (and usually gets an answer). It turns out the duck was the hedgehog mommy and the feeble whistles were two baby hedgehogs (who thought, just like human babies, that when you hide your face, nobody can see you).






oh my. this is just too cute for words. cutie pie!

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