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the pesky bombolino

My girls will love the whirly bird, we'll try it out later, thanks for the tutorial!


serious paper plan making!

Mama Nuru

Am loving your work. Have you thought about an RSS or similar feed/subscription thingie? It's very nice for those of us with limited bandwidth (we live in Western Tanzania, and pay by the MB... Through the nose... When it's not raining... etc.)


Cousin, you are truly one of the most inspiring individuals I know. Your latest posts have left me in a state of awe - your photographs are stunning, and I so wish I was a kid in your neighborhood so I could come over and play. All the time. Oh, and I knew you were a mural artist a long time ago when I saw your whimsical artwork on the wall of a certain library in Zambia. Thinking of you often.....


Oh that makes me dreaming about my own childhood...thank you for these detailed explanations I was always looking for! greetings from Morocco.


Looks like fun, we will give it a try!

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