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Lucy Locket-Pocket

What a lovely thing to do together! Please don't let negativity get you down - I've only just discovered your blog (through your Crafty Crow week) and think it is lovely. I'm sorry you have been upset - just remember that blogland is an amazingly supportive place where the good always outweighs the bad.

Lucy xx

Lucy Locket-Pocket

P.S. I forgot to say - thank you again for the lovely matchbox book tutorial - I used it yesterday to make a little gift box for my daughter to find in her suitcase tonight as she has just left on her first school holiday. I have blogged about it with a link to your tutorial. I covered the box with fabric to match the monkey I had given her and it is hidden in a little bag around the monkey's neck. It has a tiny torch inside and a letter from us all wishing her a very happy holiday - thank you for inspiring this idea and making it that little bit easier for me to "let go". Lucy x


I'm with you Lucy. Don't let the turkeys get you down! I'm loving the crafty crow entries and like Lucy I'm a new visitor to this lovely space and I will certainly be returning.

Now as much as I would love the idea of visiting Africa it hasn't yet come to pass. As such I am no expert but even in my limited field of experience the true meaning of 'Africanise' in your last post was very clear. Surely it is about thinking laterally and creatively to solve situations. I would consider it to be a celebratory term and I write this as a committed anti-racist.
x Nan


I'm not a new visitor, but still very much enjoyed your crafty cow posts :) As for my part - I love the way you write and everything makes complete sense to me, and hey, I'm not even really a native speaker!

P.S.: I, too, loved to polish the silver as a kid. Especially the silver grape plate which had a bunch of silver grapes as a handle ... no silver around to polish now, though :)


Yeeeeeah. Sorry about the mean comments. No worries love. Long time readers know you well enough to understand/and take no offense with your words. hugs to you.
Silver polishing was something I loved to do at my grandparents when I was little too. :)


I am sorry for the negative comments left on your blog. I too have to look in life for the positive because the negative is everywhere. The negative causes us to close ourself off from others and yet we still desire friendship. You were nice to say it was cultural differences and I hope it was. You are a good person with fun ideas and a wonderful blog. Know that God is watching over you and that He knows your heart and that you are an inspiration to those of us who read your blog. I hope you have a wonderful day today and that several things come your way to make you smile.

Heather Davis-Jones

I hope one day when I have children we clean together like your family does. It sounds like fun!


Some people just love any excuse to be offended. Don't let it get you down.


I enjoyed your post.. it brought back happy memories for me of polishing a huge (well it appeared huge at the time) silver platter that always set on the sideboard at my great grandmother's house. In later years, it came into my possession.. and though still loved, isn't nearly as well tended to these days.


Hi Katurah - I, too, was rather surprised that anyone would suggest your blog was in the slightest bit offensive. I was going to say something in my last post, but then thought I'd better just ignore it. Some people look to be offended and they CLEARLY had not visited often. Anyone who comes regularly knows that you are kind and funny with soooo much positive energy. It's why we come back. I can imagine you were upset to be so misunderstood. I would have been too. I hope it doesn't keep you down for long. Maybe two or three people misread you - but everyone else thinks you're pretty terrific! I'm one of the latter.

emily b.

hi. I love your blog and have been reading it for so long i can't remember when i started. sorry about the mean spirited comments. i get those sometimes and they get me so down that i think about quitting the blog. i never do though. it's not the nasty comments that really bug me. it's the idea that there's a person out there in the world who will gladly take time out of their day just to put negativity and hateful energy towards another person (who they usually don't even know). but then i must remind myself that there are so many good people out there that you just have to ignore it and know you're not one of them.

Rebecca F.

Usually people who leave those kind of comments have some sort of issue unresolved in their life. I know that it is very hard but try to see it as their own sensitivity instead of a negative feeling directed towards you.

I agree with the pack that says we regularly "see" your heart full of love and kindness, Katurah. We are all standing right there beside you, enjoying your warmth and learning from your loving nature.


Rebecca F.






just wanted to echo all the comments here. you have a wonderful gentle spirit and it comes out in all your posts. and I have been loving the crafts this week!


amy h

I love the stories behind the silver. And please don't let a couple ignorant comments get you down. The problem obviously is not with you!


I too used to love polishing my mothers silver when I was little. It has made me realise that we have no silver to polish in our house! I must dash to the op shop or antique shop to find some so I can share it with my 3 boys.
Thank you


It's weird how viscerally we react to brief little comments from strangers in the blogosphere, isn't it? (Sometimes an especially kind sentence is almost as good as a sincere hug. Definitely better than an insincere one.) I have to say, though, it was pretty contextually clear with what affection you used the term "Africanise". I dunno, I guess close reading isn't everyone's thing?

Anyway, I hope you don't take it too hard--an increase in site traffic will often bring you at least a couple of grumps--though I understand how it might bother: that whole 'holier-than-thou' atmosphere makes me sneeze, like chalk dust.

But enough of that--your blog is totally charming, and it's so nice to be able to keep up with your goings-on in Africa. (Your little ones are so...not little! I remember when Ana was just a wee thing, all ears and eyes and that little tuft of red hair... Suddenly she's a lanky, elegant fashion maven/photogenic muse. I'm feeling old, I think my quarter-life crisis is coming on!) I hope you're reading lots of good poetry, listening to lots of good music, maybe watching the Euro Cup (yes? no?), staying out of the bell jar, and having a generally wonderful time--it would seem that you are--with the minimum number of dark spots necessary to keep something resembling perspective. Congrats on the awesome blog, awesome progeny, mad photography skillz, etc.


(First time commenting here, I think! Long time lurker).
I agree with everyone, I read your post yesterday and nothing struck me wrong until I read your post today and went back and read the comments. How silly some people are! I think Africanise is a great term (like 'to improvise', but in Africa)...I just don't see how that could get misconstrued unless someone's mind is in a wrong place to begin with.
Not to kick a dead horse, but using the word 'cracker' especially in reference to oneself is very degrading. I don't care if it was "to get people thinking" or a "play on words". Yuck!
Anywho, don't let it get you down, your blog is always so inspiring to me and a nice place to visit. :o)

Laurie L.

So sad to hear that you had negative responses! I quite enjoyed your post--what a lovely way to spend time with your little one, talking about family moments in history. I think those times are precious and to be treasured.
Your blog is always a joy to read and helps feed the wander-lust I have in my soul for places far from California.


You see there? Way more people totally adore you than are offended by you. In a non-replicated study I counted the number of negative comments and compared them to the positive comments, weighted by intent (normal comments praising your crafty skills were worth one point, comments in defense of you received two points, and those expressing regret for hurt feelings were scored as three) and have concluded that it is statistically unreasonable for you to take any negativity seriously. You win, with a score of 94.2, so there's little use in worrying about people who simply like to get their dander up for the sake of hearing themselves bluster on about nothing.
I'm a scientist, and I stand by my methods and results.

amy campbell

i discovered your blog last week through doe-c-doe's blog, and i just wanted to comment and say i've really enjoyed reading about your family and your experiences living in Malawi. You take lovely, lovely photos, and your children are just absolutely precious!


This was my job as a little girl also! A beautiful memory for me also. your collection is wonderful.


what a lovely tradition, and something so wonderful that you can share with your children. i love how oral history can be so strong, and so ritualized in your family. i remember when i was a kid, being forced to help dust our old school chinese rosewood table - it had lots of cracks and crevices and had to be cleaned with a chopstick and a rag. boy, was it torture. but i think if my mother had done something like this, i may have actually enjoyed it!!


I peep in on your blog every now and again. I was busy basking in your great craft ideas when I came across the comments from your previous post. Having been to Malawi, I instantly new what you meant by "africanise". I guess if someone hasnt travelled and experienced making do, when there are not loads of consumer goods at your fingertips, they might misunderstand you. But thats all it is a misunderstanding.
I so enjoy your blog and it always gives me itchy feet to travel again!! Do continue your lovely work! :)
~Stephanie :)


Love the site, the clear photos, and the personal touches - including the language. I took no such inference on using a bottle instead of a funnel, although I'd have called that Scottish. I did however get a bit riled that people thought they had to comment on your terminology, and then use a term "cracker" that I am not familiar with - hey you use your own terms in your own blog, in your own way. Kind thoughts to all concerned. No worries....

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