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Beautiful dress...I love that it was a sheet. Moving in two weeks seems, well, a daunting task. I need to look on an map and see where Malawi is...


The dress turned out wonderful! I am so sorry that you have to deal with the stress of moving. I wish there was something I could say to make it all better!


What a lot you have to deal with! I'm sending vibes your way for reduced stress and easy packing!

I love the dress! If you find the link to the pattern, I'd love it, but certainly don't stress yourself about it. My honorary niece (3) has declared that "princesses don't wear pants," and it looks like this is something I could handle.


The dress looks great. Good luck with all the preparations for the move. Hopefully all will go well with as little stress as possible.


And a stunning dress it is! Congratulations! After that kimono, I'll be a dress was a breeze!

And for the two weeks notice, I don't even know what to say. Hugs.


What a beautiful dress! I could use one like that myself.
I understand your stress...we close on our house in two days, and hubby is away most of that helping with an F5 tornado recovery effort. We don't even have a new place to move into yet. And I was just mentioning to him that if I stress any more, I'll wind up in the hospital again. Hugs to you, I definitely know what you're going through.


Two weeks. 2 weeks. Wow.
Take photographs of every nook and crany before you start packing and knocking things down. So when you have great grand children you can sit them down in your lap and show them where you once called home - and smile with happy memories.
And the things you can't take with you - or need to get rid of - take phots of them too - that way you can leave the item behind - but keep a part of it for yourself.

amy sahba

Katurah, I was told you have special super-powers. Thinking of you!


Holy Smokes! THAT is NOT much time. eeek! Just out of curiosity, what does Simon do? I hope everything comes together quickly for you all.
Of course you made a dress! A beautiful dress at that. You have made tons of impressive and beautiful things ya know? :) I love the flower trim of the lining sticking out-so pretty.


What a beautiful gorgeous dress. I love it. Sorry to hear about the little pet's passing away too. Hope your son is not too sad, as they only live for a couple of years. I hope the moving all goes smoothly for you too, and you begin another adventure.


Two weeks? Whoa. I had five weeks to move our house alone (hubby had to get there for the job right away), and it was still an undertaking. Best of luck to you.


Good luck with the packing and moving, etc! My thoughts are with you.


Do you have to leave straight away? Is 2 weeks your deadline or Simon's? When we did this last move, my hubby left 3 1/2 months earlier and I soldiered on with 4 kids on my own sorting the moving and packing etc. It was actually fine as my friends really rallied around me. But I do remember being in denial of the move. It's when I first got into blogging and would spend hours reading blogs, and hours crafting. But it all got done. As it does. I've never had to do a move in 2 weeks...4 weeks was my quickest and I was in the early stages of pregnancy then. SO I am sure you can do it. Athough I'm not sure a pool can be built in 2 weeks. Good luck!!

Rebecca F.

Oh Katurah.

More hugs and hugs and a little comment to say that I loved the pic of Asher and his dad. Perfect colours and perfect layout.

I loved the dress too. Especially that great button detail. And the lines hang just perfectly.

More hugs and love....


hang in there. One breath at a time. YOu're doing just fine!

lovely dress.

Panta rei. (everything flows...)


once again...you dazzle!

Mama Urchin

I cannot imagine moving that fast.


I'm catching up on your blog after weeks of being MIA since Elizabeth was born. I don't know where to leave a comment because I want to leave one on every post....
Your life is changing so much, yet there is so much love and beauty and inspiration in all your posts. Thinking of you this afternoon. Wishing I lived on the west coast and there was some way to actually meet you face to face when you hit the States this summer!!

(oh, and the dress. I love it. i'd like one for emma, one for mary, and one for me, please!!!!!) :)


You are doing very good, and I must say, am from Malawi living in the UK, all the best on the move to Malawi, the country is amazing and peaceful, everybody is friendly.

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