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Lisa H.

That's an awesome loaf of hedgehog bread!! I'll send that picture to my sis, who is mom to three hedgies. Love the picture of your boy and the catepillar. He (Asher)should be a character in a kids' book. So cute.


Asher had quite the day! That duvet set is great. And not everyone gets a caterpillar in their lunch!


Oh yes, definitely worth the wait! I love my package :) Thank you again!

Rebecca F.

How lucky is Asher? My daughter would love to find a caterpillar in her lunch!

And Toni is lucky too. Your package is lovely!


Love the bread!! Thanks for sharing. Will try to make it someday.


wonderful finds...

Happy Mother's Day!


Now I am truly jealous! Know how much i would have given for a Mifty duvet cover some (hum) years ago ? Lucky he is !

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