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Your photos make me so happy. I can't ever seem to get enough of them. Very inspiring. Makes me want to drop everything and just take pictures.
Long time reader (and lurker) just had to finally share how much I enjoy your talents, and hearing about your life and family :)


Another lurker - I absolutely agree. I've found the photos very inspiring - I wish I knew more about being Baha'i now.
More to the point, I grew up in circumstances similar to your kids where I was the only Western kid in my (local) school, and I loved it. I've found the languages and cultural understanding I gained growing up in a culture totally foreign to me (ie. as a third culture child) have been invaluable in a) getting into university and grad school and now b) finding a job that I'm excited about. Your three talented children have so much going for them. I look forward very much to reading any pieces of writing you publish.

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