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oh my gosh - that must have been so frustrating to pull out of the wash! Do you think your stitching is loose - do the stitches need to be closer together?
nice self-portrait, by the way. ;)


I love the colours in your quilt. Go ahead...applique some srips over the top. I'm sure you can make it look deliberate. To make you feel better, check out Hillary's red quilt in the flickr photos http://flickr.com/photos/hillarylang/sets/340976/.
Tell Bella I LOVE her mouse...now that would make a great label for your toy business. You could even make a mouse just like it...

christina Gomez

your quilting looks great. Dont give up yet! It will be what it will be, and it was done with heart, and love, and thats what makes it beautiful. Not if it looks like someone elses.


and that's why i use AT LEAST a half inch seam allowance. there's nothing worse in this world that making a quilt and then having it fall apart during the first wash.

(okay, i guess there are worse things. but still. a total pain in the ass.)


Some of us would relish more self-portraits!
And Bella's eye is exceptional, as confirmed by a picture on my wall.


The mouse is gorgeous!!! When I saw it, I thought 'wow, wouldn't that look great as a quilted outline?!?'. Why not incorporate the shape into a wall quilt that she can have in her room?


this picture is so great. it is almost as
much a picture of your daughter (her
drawing at the time, her mom at the
time...) cool.

that is too bad about the baby quilt.
maybe it is a happy accident in the works
where the fixed up version will be even
better than the original... perhaps?
hope it turns out ok.


I love all your pictures, and it's lovely to see one of you...the mouse is great too!

Drat...I can't believe that happened to your quilt, I would have stomped around a lot, and sighed, and rolled my eyes too...I still have yet to wash my first quilt...I'll keep my fingers crossed though!


The mouse is brilliant. Children are the best artists. I live with a small Leonardo and his works never cease to amaze me.

Rebecca F.

I am so glad to have you back in blogland.

Maybe let your children take pictures of you (because pics of you sure are nice to see).

And fantastic job on the mouse, Bella!!


ha, ha! I just checked out "Hilary's Red Quilt". Hilarious! Words of wisdom from bitter experience, lol.


I think your self portrait is lovely! Keep taking a picture of yourself now and then, your children will appreciate it when they are grown. I love to look back at my parents.

Your quilt is DARLING! I'm glad it all worked out in the end.

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