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wow, excellent post - and good timing - before Christmas!
i love your silks! thanks for idea of getting them secondhand. that's one of those 'i should have thought of that' ideas.
i'm excited because my kiddos are getting playmobil for christmas this year. my daughter LOVES that size of figure and i like playmobil way better than 'pollys'.


I love seeing the favorite toys. Thank you so much for sharing!!


Whew! That was a post. Good fun though. My link:


Can we come over? Great post describing great fun. I have been lurking for quite awhile now but I just couldn't resist leaving a comment today. We are far away in Connecticut and my 6 yr. old fella and I love checking your blog. The pictures and stories are always lovely. He is actually starting a unit on Africa this semester...all very exciting. Keep up the wonderful posts.


What a great post! We have so many similar toys at our house. But we also have trains. Lots of trains. And more coming soon. We have grandpa to thank for that.


the only reason why i could possibly comprehend why your kids like blocks more than legos is the ease of destructablity.

good list (other than missing legos, of course).


Super list. I'm going to have a hard time with my top ten since most of them are ones you already wrote. Hmmmm....I'll have to look around again now. Thank you for sharing.
You rock. :)

amy h

Great list! These are just the sort of things I'd like for my daughter. We're just starting to accumulate more toys (she's 18 months). This will come in handy!


Great list of favourites.I agree with the boxes and bags we must have dozens.Plastic animals are a must too!


I enjoyed reading your toy list and had fun picturing your lovely children and their friends playing with everything. I will try to work on a mini list of my own but I must admit we probably don't have too many more things of quite such a wholesome nature to add to your great list.

I haven't been over to your blog in ages (thanks Angela for reminding me) but I always enjoy your perspective.


our favorite toy lists are very similar...when we moved from our house into the place on my g'parents farm, we really had to downsize. we started with toys and only brought the absolute favorites. a lot of these toys made our list, too.
I've been wanting to find some good games for the girls for christmas so I'm going to check out your eeboo suggestions. we have their domino cards and alphabet game which are fun, too!
thanks for this great post.
(and happy belated 200 posts. wish i could have been there to wish you well on the right day!!)


Funny - I was just photographing Cullen playing with some of our Playmobil this weekend. And we already have some tucked away for Christmas this year. We found wonderful wooden food with velcro to mimic "cutting" that the kids love.
Great suggestions for all kinds of play.

The Weekend Warrior

That post was great - very useful info for me - thank you!


I love this post :)
Wonderful toys you have!


I didn't comment when you posted this, but I've had it checked in my bloglines ever since to re-read, and I wanted to thank you for a great post. We have many of these toys, and wanted to mention that costumes are my (3 year old) son's favorites, he loves his little Waldorf doll (we got a small one from Nova Naturals) and he has always loved cars- which I absolutely never would have encouraged! He also has Plan City which he seems to like better than his Brio train set (although they are made by the same company). I love your blog, I sort of live vicariously through you. I have always had a fascination with Africa. Also, thanks for the tip about Weir Dolls, they are local to me.


very interesting.
i'm adding in RSS Reader

bracha silverman

i have about 50 plastic poker chips, the cheapest you can buy at the everything store. they stack into towers, for the babies to knock down, they come in 3 colors for those bigger children who want to make different colored towers, they make lovely clicking sounds, and clean up is easy, too.

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