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Those guys are so cute! Love the colors.


i cannot believe bloglines. grrrr... just now updated you with five posts! i missed so much!

84 comments. holy smokes. and? awesome!

the rash looked like an allergic reaction to the face paint, if you ask me. are they treating it with anything or is it just magically going away on it's own?


me? me! woo hoo! will email.


You did a great job. They are so very cute.


They are gorgeous.

Mama Urchin

They are adorable. Can you imagine taking a package bound for Antarctica to the PO? That would be funny.


They are the greatest!! Did you use a pattern? I would love to have one if you have one. I am hopefully getting a sewing machine for christmas, nug nug Ken.


We are supposed to discourage people from sending care packages, due to all the "important scientific packages" that are supposed to get priority. I sent myself a giant case of kashi bars anyway. They should be waiting for me when I get there. Mmmmm... Presents to myself...

I will send YOU a postcard FROM Antarctica if you send along your address.

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