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My daughter (Asher's age-ish) calls cupcakes "pupcakes". Always makes me giggle! Happy early b'day, Asher!


I'm amazed by the amount of creativity you get into everyday life like birthday parties. I think it's great that sewing and crafting aren't "Events" at your house. It's a real inspiration.


Happy early birthday sweet Asher!
I love all that you are doing for his special day. What cute decorations you've put together. Those mice are adorable!!EEK. ;-)

Georgia Parsons

I hope Asher has a wonderful early birthday. My youngest has her birthday one week before Xmas, and I'm the same, I like to do it earlier for her so she gets the FULL attention she deserves. I LOVE those mice, might have a go at those myself. And I LOVE that you put so much love and effort into the kids' birthdays...me too, that's how it should be. Although as my boys get older, I find they sometimes slip by without full attention.

Mama Urchin

Everything looks so great. Happy Birthday Asher!


The mice are too cute. Since I don't have any children of my own (yet) I always made a big deal out of everyone's birthday...giving them all themes...just for my neice! (yeah right!) It's just really worth it to spend all sorts of time on it!


It looks like it will be wonderful!

Happy birthday Asher!



I think the main reason why I get so much done when Aaron is out of town is because if I'm working on something for more than half an hour he's all "woman! just how long is this going to take?!" men. pppfffttt.

will you please design and decorate my birthday party? pretty please? with robots and dinosaurs on top?

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