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Whoa! Those are some cool people! The mermaids are brilliant! 8-) The stripy skirt lady is quite nice also!
Funny Polar Bear story and oh, sweet Asher! Love it.


I love the mermaids! (and so will my little princess). she got some clothespins in an art kit for her birthday recently, but i was trying to add arms to them, and that doesn't really work. thanks for the inspiration!


great tea cozy! asher in the ballet outfit - too funny!! i just had to comment. i've only been reading your blog for a short time, but he seems like quite the little character!

thanks for sharing the pictures,


Asher is too cute - thanks for sharing with us!


Lovely boy!


we have a drawer full of naked peg people. i think i will have to show this post to emma for inspiration!
and I've heard that ballet makes for great footwork for athletes.......


OOOh, Asher. Love the outfit- did you make it?


Asher joon, your outfit is lovely. I think its a right of passage for little brothers to wear old dance costumes. Katurah, I love your peg people! You never cease to amaze me. Can I send my kids to you (when they come, someday) to participate in all your crafty creativeness? Like summer camp....only in Zambia. :)Love to you all!


That tea cozy would make a lovely softy!

And nothing is better than dancing in a leaotard. Nothing.


The peg people are wonderful, and what a great find that cozy is!

Asher has to be the coolest ballerina I've ever seen.


I love the dancing picture of your son, Asher. So sweet and innocent. I really enjoy reading about your adventures...


Oh, I just had to comment! I love, love the peg people, Ill have to try those with my brood. And Asher in the tutu is marveolous! My boys love to dance too, but no older sisters' dance costumes to compliment their moves, LOL!


Love your peg people, the button bikini tops are so cool.

jocelyn banyard

hey! That's my tea cosy - made me laugh to see it up on someones website.

Actually - I work with the women's group who made it. We collaborated on design.


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