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I'd love to try this. I have eczema too and my hands also crack, especially in the winter. Perhaps this is the recipe for a soft and comfortable winter!


Thanks for this post. In the winter I always have cracked and sometimes even bleeding hands. I use badgerbalm but want to give this a try also, homemade is always nice:-)


My daughter used a calendula based baby cream for her son in the winter , when he was tiny , and said it was excellent for itchy winter skin .
Your balm sounds simple and full of goodness . I must try , it might be just the thing for my dry , dry winter hands .


looks so lovely. its minus 30 here today. anyone who doesnt have dry skin at that temperature must be a fish! Thanks.


Thank you so much for this, my son and I both suffer from eczema and it is starting to get bad. It will be so nice to be able to make this myself instead of running around trying to find something we both like (he doesn't like the smelly ones either). I am so glad I decided to spend my morning with coffee and catching up on my blog reading:)

Anna Allen

Oh this looks wonderful! I recently discovered I have eczema and this looks like the perfect solution! Thank you for sharing! So happy I found your blog. :)

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