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oh, do i even have to say it? but those peg dolls are seriously too cute. esp. the monkey and the polar bear! she'll love them.


Oh, those are just inspired! I love the hedgehog, but the monkey's tail must be my favorite. No, wait, it's the little people. Or maybe the pirate? I guess I just can't decide. Wherever did you find the blanks?


Sounds like it will be a very special birthday celebration. I love the finger puppets of the three kids. What a wonderful idea.


Those finger puppets are beyond cute! I hope Bella has a wonderful birthday.


i'm certain that i look forward to your wees birthdays as much as they do...you create such a lovely celebration.


Oh my gosh - those are adorable - I love their hair!! Happy Birthday Bella!

Dad - Grampa

Wheeee fun! But, wait a minute, are each of them having birthdays AGAIN this year? How's that work? Oh, well, more parties!
Happiness and hugs from all around the world, Bella!


oh sweetness, happy birthday bella - and would you mind if i played with your puppets? they are so cute!


I love the birthday corner what a nice idea. I plan to use that idea for my children's birthdays next year. I love your blog! Happy Birthday Bella!



Such sweet preparations. Love the pegs. Happy Birthday Bella! :)

Melissa Crowe

I'm a little speechless--unusual for me--but I want to say how very, very lucky your children are to be loved in this intimate, detailed, and joyful way.


Those little puppets are cute! I wish I could see the baby photo more clearly though, it looks pretty!


Gosh, you are an awesome mom!


I just love what you wrote. It makes me want to have another child now. Right now!

Mozi Esme's Mommy

Well, happy birthday! That birthday corner is quite beautiful!

And I love the finger puppets. I think the polar bear really completes the set!


Those finger puppets are amazing! I am partial to the pirate but all are so good.

Happy birthday Bella!


So sweet!


I love these. What a terrific idea.


I love the pirate!!!


This is super cute and oh so special! I love traditions! I have found it's the little things in life are we most remember! What a memory! I may have to lift this idea in our house! Thanks so much.

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